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I want to help you to be more productive, spend your energy and time to be able to focus on maximizing your unique abilities. Key is mutual respect, trust, having someone join your team who’s personable yet professional.

I am a high calibre EA/PA that acknowledges the uniqueness of the role. I understand I am in the truly privileged position as I see, hear, and experience what is happening in an organisation from the ‘shop floor’ to the board room table, even remotely. I use this perfect position to put forward ideas, suggestions, and proposals. In doing so, I help shape the success of the organisation, the team, the executives.

I am discreet and loyal, have an impeccable attention to detail, think strategically, and see the bigger picture. The many roles like chaos tamer, culture creator, operations expert, relationship builder, time bender, inefficiency disruptor, strategic partner, fearless negotiator, game changer and do all this enthusiastically and in an upbeat manner. I lived and breathed it for the best part of my career, I understand it and I love it!


Please contact me for more information or just a chat: